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I love to visit new cities and interesting places. But I hate to waste time wondering where to go when I get there. Even more frustrating is wanting to visit a particular place and then not being able to find it. There is a solution to these problems – GPS Guided Travel Articles.

The GPS Guided Travel Article

A GPS Guided Travel Article is an article written by a travel writer or blogger who has visited the city in question and then related their experiences. This will include sights they have seen, activities they have enjoyed and places they have eaten. Even more useful for the first-time visitor will be hints on avoiding possible problems. For example, you can avoid long queues at popular sights by buying tickets online in advance. These articles have GPS co-ordinates embedded in them and a map of the route the writer has described in the original article.

It sounds easy and it is. For this reason, I am happy not just to write travel guided articles but also to promote the concept on my own blog.

How to Get Your Guided Travel Article

Visit the website GPSMyCity where you will find thousands of these articles from cities all over the world. For a small fee you can download the app of a city you want to visit. Once you have the app on the phone that is all you will need for a successful visit. The app will show you exactly where you are on the map and guide you from place to place. It could not be easier.

The original travel article is available from this website free of charge. Once downloaded you can read it when you wish without having to be connected to the internet. But it does make sense to upgrade this travel article to a GPS-guided article by paying a small fee or buying an annual subscription you are all set for a hassle free visit.

Future Trips

You can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use by paying a small fee. These guides relate to cities and attractions worldwide from Asia to Albania.

Future Trips

GPSMyCity Articles

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