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  • Time to Revive our Planet

    Time to Revive our Planet

    We were privileged to have two speakers who are passionate about the need to protect our biosphere and counter the effects of global warming. Both have devoted their time and talents to creating public awareness of these issues. Ashley Cooper on Global Warming … Kate Rawles and the carbon bicycle …

  • Some Highlights of Windermere-Bowness in the Lake District

    Some Highlights of Windermere-Bowness in the Lake District

    I re-traced my steps to the bottom. But, inevitably I did not come out where I started but I did find a wooden sculpture of a Gruffalo – not that he was much help. However, I did meet up with a local farmer and his excitable border collie, Ben. We had a chat and then he gave me directions to Holehird. This involved climbing walls via stepped stiles and crossing some stunning scenery ...

  • Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere

    Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere

    I was warmly greeted by its owner, Jonathon, and immediately offered a cup of tea. He made the tea himself and brought it to the lounge. I had noticed a beautiful stained glass church-style window behind the bar at the far end of the lounge. I was not surprised to discover that the house and been built in 1854. It was designed by J S Crowther who had also designed the church of St Mary next door and Holehird, a mansion on the outskirts of Windermere. Crowther is most well-known for his restoration and repair of Manchester Cathedral.

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