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  • The Road to Bournemouth Pier

    The Road to Bournemouth Pier

    By the time I got to the top the wind had increased in strength and I had to wait for it to drop. Once the all-clear was given the gate in front of me was opened so I walked to the edge of the platform and stepped into thin air. Any apprehension I had felt was immediately replaced by elation as I whizzed down the wire. It really was thrilling ...

  • The Bournemouth X Factor

    The Bournemouth X Factor

    some characteristics of Bournemouth make it a very special place to visit. As I was walking towards the crowded sea front that I could see in front of me I noticed a garden below me and decided to visit that first. At the bottom of a flight of stone steps I had a lovely view of the Town Hall bathed in autumn sunshine behind an avenue of majestic trees ...

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